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Kia ora!

Welcome to Aroha's Homepage!

"Kia ora" is the greeting of the maori people in New Zealand. It just means "Hello!".

Maybe you wonder why I chose this uncommon name, where it comes from and what it means. This name comes, like the greeting, from Aotearoa and it's an common women's name of the maori people (the natives of New Zealand). Translated it means "love". I chose this nick because I love "New Zealand" and I think this name is very pleasing to the ear.

What will you find here?

I want to tell you a little about the things I like, especially about some of my more or less uncommon hobbies. If you click on the pictures you will get to the page that belongs to it. And of course you can use the signpost to jump around through all my pages.

A service for the very curios of you: If a picture does not lead to one of the pages than you can get a lager version of it by clicking on it. (Except it is big enough like the picture of the month.) So you won't need a magnifier. *grins*

You will find all the news on the "News-page".

New Zealand

to the New Zealand-page

My favourite hobby is travelling, which it is not uncommon itself. My favourite destination has already been New Zealand for a very long time. But it became worse since I have been there in November 2000. Ia wanted to convince myself of the beauty of this country which I had seen on so many pictures. This pictures did not lie. This country really is unbelievably beautiful. That's why I want to write a few lines about this beuatiful country. But I have not only been to New Zealand. I have also been to Norwas, Scotland, Italy and Indonesia. But I can not write about all of my travels.


to the bonecarving-page

In New Zealand I have learned how to make a "Bonecarving". And I am going to explain a little who to do that.

Moana & the tribe

to the moana-page

2003 I have seen this amazing group in concert. You may read more about it and what fascinated me on her page!

Scottish Highland Dancing

to the highland-page

At Highland games in Scotland I have watched the young girls at the "Scottish Highland Dancing". Back in germany I found a highland class close to my city and joined it for nearly a year. What it is like you may find out on this page.

Starlight Express

to the starlight-page

another hobby of mine are musicals. I like to watch them since I have been to Bochum in 1990 and watched my favourite musical-actor Kapariera (Kapa) Kitchen as Rusty. My "collection" of different musicals counts 16 plays now. Here you will find a page about my favourite one, Starlight Express and another hobby that deals with it.

The Rockhouse Brothers

Zur RHB-Seite

Just a few weeks ago I have discovered another great band the "Rockhouse brothers" from Hamburg. On this page I want to tell you a bit more about these guys and how I became aware of them.

Wise Guys

to the WG-pages

I am infected by another "virus" the very infectious Wise-Guys-virus. A detailed report on that virus you will find on these pages.

Making of marionettes

to the marionettes-page

At the beginning of this year I found a new hobby the making of marionettes. It seems that it is not very popular anymore so I will put a report on my experiences on the web. Have fun reading it.

Picture of the month

to the picture of the month

On all of my travels I have taken so many pictures which are hidden in my photo-albums. But I do not want them to be hidden anymore. Here you will find one of these pictures monthly.


to the photo-album

I have found out that I would like to show you much more of my pictures than I can show you on the picture of the month. So I made this photoalbum seperately.


to the crosswords

Sometimes, when I do not know what to to, I create little crosswords to a certain topic. All the people who like riddles my have a look at these pages.


to the page about Aroha

And last but not least there is a page about this crazy one who is writing all these. Maybe there are people who want to know a little more about Aroha???


to the guestbook

Of course I have a guestbook on my website which you should use as often as you want. Go and sign in!


to the forum

There is a forum on my website as well. I hope you will sign in and I will see you there.

Maybe you will find something to try yourself?!?!?

Have fun!

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